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Crowdyvest Review : All You Need To Know About Crowdyvest.



About Crowdyvest

Crowdyvest is a platform which affords people the opportunity to save, sponsor and earn from impact-driven opportunities across various sectors. It is founded to provide opportunities for people to increase their finances and contribute to economic growth.

Crowdyvest allows individuals, retail sector and corporates to access an all-in-one financial solution on a short or long-term range.

Crowdyvest partners with different companies to identify more opportunities to aid achievements of major SDGs and drive economic growth across Africa and globally.

Social Media Handles

Crowdyvest can be reached on the various social media handles below

Facebook :




Questions and Answers About Crowdyvest

What is Crowdyvest?

Crowdyvest is an impact-driven platform focused on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) that connects its users to multiple income opportunities by enabling individuals, groups, and organizations to sponsor impact projects with exciting return offers. Crowdyvest also creates opportunities beyond sponsorship which now include savings and other discretionary types of sponsorship targeted at helping you increase your income base.

How do I sponsor?
To sponsor, follow these simple steps:

  1. Proceed to log in and visit the Sponsorshop
  2. Click on the selling project and select any project of your choice
  3. Indicate how many units you would like to sponsor. (The minimum unit is one with no maximum limits).
  4. Proceed to checkout and choose from the payment options. (You can select any of the convenient payment options)
  5. Upon a successful transaction, the units will be allocated to your dashboard within 20minutes.

Who are Crowdyvest impact partners?

Crowdyvest impact partners are: Farmcrowdy (Agriculture), Plentywaka (Transportation), Landwey (Real estate), Crenov8

What are Crowdyvest track records?

Crowdyvest have been in existence since November 2016 as Farmcrowdy with the goal to empower rural farmers across Nigeria and have worked with 25,000+ farmers across 18 states in Nigeria and have about 4,000 sponsors. In August 2019, Crowdyvest becomes an holding platform for opportunities with companies like Farmcrowdy, Plentywaka. Plentywaka (almost 6 months old) is focused on the creation of transport solutions for over 1,000 everyday commuters in Lagos as well as job creation (i.e. drivers and vehicle assistants). Crowdyvest is also looking into other sectors that are impact-driven and in line with the SDGs.

How do I get started?

You can get started on Crowdyvest by following these simple steps

  1. Create and activate your account
  2. Select your desired plan( saving, investment or sponsorship)
  3. Select the amount you will like to commit to each category
  4. Fund your desired plan

How do I monitor my activities?

Upon sign-up, you have access to a unique dashboard where you can sponsor, save, make payments, and monitor your activities over time.

Is there any referral bonus?

Crowdyvest currently has no active referral bonus, members of the platform will however be notified as soon as it becomes active.

Project Sponsorship Plan on Crowdyvest

You can sponsor specific impact-driven projects in a wide range of sectors like agriculture, transportation, health, real estate, and more.
You can sponsor with N20,000 to N20,000,000. Simply use the slider to set your sponsorship amount and duration. The longer the duration, the higher your returns.

Physical Address

2, Opeyemisi Bamidele, off freedom way, Ikate, Lagos, Nigeria.

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TitanFarms Review: All You Need To Know Before Investing On The Platform



About TitanFarms

TitanFarms is an agro-investment and trading platform for investors interested in participating in the agro investment system while making the process seamless for them by ensuring smooth transition for farm to the processing plants and then to the market after a befitting packaging worthy of the fine products.

TitanFarms buy havested farm produce, process and package them using high technology equipments and sell directly to distributors in the market, hence cutting out traditional middle men.

TitanFarms allow individuals to invest in their trading activities for a certain trading cycle (tenure) as indicated by your subscription and earn 20% return on investment.

You can reach TitanFarms via

Joke Plaza, Bodija market, Ibadan

Questions and Answers

What is the minimum amount to fund a project?
Each trading cycle and project has a specific number of units available for sale. The minimum you can invest in is one unit.

If you like to buy additional units, buy directly from your dashboard and it will show as a new investment package for you without disturbing your existing investment package.

How do i invest?
After selecting your preferred project or investment cycle(if we have more than one at a time), proceed to the account details section and credit the company account displayed on your dashboard.

How do i get my money back?
Your funds and accumulated interest are paid back to you at the end of the trading cycle for the farm produce you subscribed to. For this to happen, you have to update your bank information on your dashboard’s account information space.

Is my money safe?
TitanFarms goods are fully insured by LeadWay Assurance.

Are the return on investments annually or monthly?
No, the returns for your subscriptions are made every two weeks for 10 weeks and the last two weeks return on investment is paid together with your capital at the end of the trade cycle(tenure) as indicated when you subscribe for that particular farm produce trading.

Can i visit the market on distribution days?
Yes but you have to send a visit request to TitanFarms email ahead to schedule time for the visit.

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Porkvest Review: All You Need To Know Before Sponsoring a Farm On The Platform



About Porkvest

Porkvest is subsidiary of Jadek Agro Connect and one of the leading pig farming enterprise, which offers funding opportunities in Pig farming with the aim of bringing about innovation, empowerment and Integrity.

Porkvest accept sponsorship from any interested persons around the world while in turn offering good returns. Porkvest source for good breeds of pigs, rear them in good and secured environment in the best interest of the farmers and the pigs, then process and package them for sale when they reach maturity. With this, our partners get to earn between 20-30% returns based on their preferred plan.

Social Media Handles
You can connect with porkvest on Facebook, twitter and Instagram on the handles:




Questions and Answers

Who can fund a pig farm?
Any individual who is interested in Pig farming and Agriculture

How long do I have to wait to get returns from my Pig farm?

The harvest Cycle is 9 months and you can start earning according to the funding plan chosen?
Depending on your preferred funding plan 65,000 9 month (20%) | 100,000 9 month (22%) | 250,000 9 month (25%)

How much can I use to fund a Pig farm?
Porkvest have selected plans which you can find on our funding plan section. Choose your preferred plan to start up your pig farm

How is the project managed?

We handle the rearing, breeding, and feeding of pigs from piglet to hog/sow, ensuring they grow to their maximum weight, to achieve maximum returns.

How do Porkvest make our money?
Between the stipulated period of 9 months where the pigs are being bred they are processed and sold, from the returns made after the 9 months then , your selected plan will be activated.

What is the guarantee that my funds are safe ?
Funds on Porkvest is insured by LeadWay

How do I get back my funds after the nine months period is reached?
It will be credited into the bank account you registered with while subscribing for the plan.

I wish to see where my funds are going into, can I visit the farm for inspection?
Yes, you can contact Porkvest customer service representative to schedule an appointment.

What is the minimum funding amount?
65,000 naira for now

I wish to meet with you in your office, where are you located ?

2, Tade Street, Off Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos. And you can also contact us on office on 09090009288

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Foxy Green Review: All You Need To Know Before Sponsoring Farm On The Platform



Foxy Green Limited is a registered agricultural investment organization with banquet resources and solutions in agricultural industry.

Foxy Green investment involve various aspects of agriculture such as livestock farming, fish farming, crops plantation, poultry and produce merchandise.

Foxy Green allow individuals to sponsor a farm unit or more and earn robust return.

Social Media Handles
You can reach Foxy Green on the following social media handles



Questions and Answers

How do I invest?
To be part of our sponsor, you should Sign up, Choose a farm, get returns on the investment

Is Foxy Green registered?

How long does it take to get my investment certificate?
Investors should receive generated certificate immediately after payment but should allow maximum of 48hours for operational delays. When certificate is not received within this period, please contact customer care

Can I visit the farm?
Yes, investors may request to visit farm anytime but must give at least 1 week notice

How long has Foxy Green been operating?
Foxy green has been in operation for 3 years now

Is the farm Insured and how do I verify?
Yes. Our farms are Leadway Assurance insured. To verify, simply visit , at the bottom of the page select “agroTech

partnerships”; a list appears on which foxygreen is alphabetically located.

Can I Sponsor more than one farm unit?
Yes. You can sponsor more than one farm unit and earn return on it differently.

Where is Foxy Green Limited located?
Tunik Shopping Complex, Odo Ona Kekere Ibadan, Oyo

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